Snowflakes and Frost

Snowflakes and Frost Windows 7 theme

A wintery wonderland for Windows 7


  • Beautiful images
  • Easy to install
  • Nice window color


  • No special screensaver or sounds


Snowflakes and Frost is an icily beautiful theme for Windows 7.

If you''re looking for a wintry theme for your PC, this may be the one for you. As it's an official Windows theme, installing it couldn't be easier. There are no system modifications here - simply unpack the Snowflakes and Frost themepack and your Windows 7 personalization window will pop up with the theme already installed.

From here, you can browse through Snowflakes and Frost's wallpapers, tweak the frosty window color and pick the sounds and screensaver. Unfortunately, Snowflakes and Frost doesn't come with special sounds or screensavers - you can just choose from ones you already have installed on your system.

The Snowflakes and Frost wallpapers are great though - high definition, crystal clear photos of icicles and snowflakes in close up. Their intricate patterns and variety of silvery blues make beautiful wallpapers that are very easy to see your icons on, an important point to bear in mind. They also tone perfectly with the custom window color Microsoft has picked for this theme.

Lack of screensaver aside, Snowflakes and Frost is a beautiful winter theme for your Windows 7 PC.

Snowflakes and Frost


Snowflakes and Frost Windows 7 theme

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